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Stark County, Illinois is located in north-central Illinois and comprises an area of 537 square miles. It is the 40th largest county by population, with a population of 30,564 as of 2019. It is part of the Peoria Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The county seat is Toulon and its largest city is Wyoming. The county gets its name from Revolutionary War hero John Stark who served under General George Washington in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Stark County covers an area that ranges from flat plains to rolling hills with deep ravines and bluffs along the banks of the Rock River. The climate in Stark County mostly consists of cold winters and warm summers with some rain throughout the year.

The local economy is mainly agricultural, with corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay being the main crops grown in the county. Cattle ranching makes up a small portion of the economy as well. There are also several small manufacturing plants throughout Stark County making plastic products and industrial machinery parts for sale around the globe.

Stark County offers a variety of recreational activities for residents including camping sites along rivers and lakes, hunting opportunities on local wildlife preserves, snowmobiling trails, hiking trails on state parks, biking trails through nature preserves and golf courses throughout town that attract visitors year-round.

In addition to recreation activities, there are plenty of cultural attractions in Stark County such as art galleries showcasing local artists’ work, museums highlighting local history and culture as well as theaters offering live performances of musicals and plays throughout the year.

Education wise Stark County schools offer a wide range of programs to students ranging from early childhood education to college prep classes. There are three school districts within Stark County including Toulon Community Unit School District #100 which serves most areas in north central Illinois; Wyoming Community Consolidated School District #304 which serves western portions of Stark County; and Elmwood Community Unit School District #322 which serves eastern portions including areas near Edwardsville Lake Nature Preserve.  In addition to public school institutions there are also private schools (such as St Mary’s Catholic Academy) as well as higher education opportunities like Northern Illinois University at DeKalb (which has a branch campus here).  

Aside from education system there are also plenty healthcare facilities available in Stark County such as hospitals (OSF Saint Luke Medical Center), rehabilitation centers (OSF Rehabilitation Institute), medical practices (Kendall Medical Group), physical therapy clinics (Advantage Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine) etc that provide comprehensive care to residents while helping attract new businesses looking to open up shop here due to their presence here in this part of Illinois.  Ultimately these resources help shape stark county into an attractive place to live providing all sorts resources needed for people to lead safe & healthy lives while establishing it as one premier spots for those seeking high quality living experiences filled with natural beauty & cultural diversity offered all within close proximity each other!