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Hinckley Police Department, Illinois Police Arrests, Jail Roster, Contacts

Updated on: April 3, 2024
Hinckley Police Department
Location 700 James Street, Hinckley, Illinois, 60520

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The Hinckley Police Department, with its headquarters located at 700 James Street, Hinckley, Illinois, 60520, is responsible for protecting the population of Hinckley.

You can contact the Hinckley Police Department by:

  • Calling: 911 (emergency) or 311 (non-emergency)
  • Physical Location: 700 James Street, Hinckley, Illinois, 60520
  • To file a police report: Dial 911 or visit your district headquarters

Philadelphia City Police Arrests

Anyone can be arrested for violating federal, state, county, and municipal laws in Hinckley, and the Hinckley records and facts are submitted to the Hinckley Police Office.

To find data on police arrests in Hinckley, there are a few options:

Check the Hinckley Police Department‘s website: The Hinckley Police Office may have a section on their website that provides current data on arrests or a searchable database of arrest records.

Contact the Hinckley Police Department: You can contact the Hinckley law enforcement department’s non-emergency phone number or visit in person to request data on recent arrests. Keep in mind that Hinckley law enforcement agency may not release certain information due to privacy concerns or other legal restrictions.

Check local news sources: Local news outlets may report on arrests made by the Hinckley law enforcement agency Police Department.

Philadelphia Jail Roster

After an arrest, all Hinckley arrestees must be registered and their records kept on a city police database. The Hinckley Police Department is no different, and it manages a database that allows the public to access offender and jail records via the detainee Locator.

This database contains detailed data on detainees in the Hinckley jail and precincts. To access detainee or jail records, you can visit the database, which is searchable by:

  • Six or seven-digit prisoner ID
  • Name of the Hinckley inmate
  • Date of birth

In case you face trouble accessing the Hinckley jail roster you can contact the Hinckley Police Department at 815-286-7465.

It’s important to note that the information provided by the Hinckley detainee locator is subject to change and may not be reliable. Therefore, it’s always best to verify any information obtained from the database with the Hinckley Police Department or the relevant authorities.

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Hinckley Police Department — General Information

Facility Name Hinckley Police Department
Facility Type Police Department
Address 700 James Street, Hinckley, Illinois, 60520
City Hinckley
Postal Code 60520
State Illinois
County DeKalb County


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